Manageable Chunks


ANS/NSFnet t3 backbone by CPrompt


Reusing Your Detail Drawings, AECbytes, Tips and Tricks sponsored by Adobe 


Each item below is in the process of being reduced to a manageable chunk:

- What work results can actually be completed?

- What are the optimal phases?

- What realistic deliverables, models, and demonstrations can be accomplished a small nonprofit regardless of eventual size of the construction?

- Which international standards are most relevant to this pursuit?

- What is the extent and depth of public information if:
Data = Democracy
Documentation = Voices
Governance = Services

- How are ontologies and system designs contracted for public information?

- Who maintains the results strictly for the benefit of the general public regardless of how the original work was made, continues to develop, or is forgotten?

- Which details and overall beauty of this space and architecture can be specified by non-engineers? non-mathematicians? non-visual thinkers? non-computer users?

Implementation Services Diagram by Alibaba
- How does the contracting of initial design and implementation differ from continual maintenance and upkeep?

- Where does public programming and broadcasting fit into the scheme of things?

- Which theoretical shapes, geospatial, conceptual, mathematical, and aesthetic properties are required?

- How can precise, limited, achievable scopes of work be explained and contracted through clickable compliance checklists where portions of the work are accomplished by others?

- How do the structural engineers do their bit then walk away?

rebar Internet
Structural Engineering Services by Nannis & Associates
A visualization of the network structure of the Internet by Hal Burch and Bill Cheswick, ©The Lumeta Corporation

- How does the architect incorporate structurals drawing and specification edits into the main package?

- Who are the other consultants? Mechanical? Electrical? What is the new metaphor for plumbing and fire protection? Sustainability? Landscaping? Who are the Owners?

- Where are the smart contractors talking about constructability with fat notebooks filled with cost analysis, site maps, and proposals for overall completion sequences?

- What are the consequences for structural, aesthetic, functional, adhesion, and noncompliance failure?


Cell Adhesion by whatsnextnetwork


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