Hexahedron Fractal (the Menger Sponge), Copyright Paul Bourke and Gayla Chandler. Real math model and photographs by Gayla Chandler, please refer to of a Fractal Nature. Combination of images putting the real world and digital world together by data modeling and visualization expert Paul Bourke.


Accuracy&Aesthetics mission is building consensus for the construction of semantic space as if it were a series of large scale public building projects. We are interested in both the mathematical and artistic sides of the digital age.


1. Link digital collections around the world into shared systems.


Minimal Saddle Trefoil, from Carlo H. Sequin‘s sculpture generator.

Create open source idea and information exchange networks based on best practices in standards organizations, architecture, mathematics, cartography, and museums.


Exchange of Information, by Reciprocity

Specify requirements for long-term digital archiving, intellectual property protection, and higher quality information exchange.


A New Method for Numerical Constrained Optimization, by Ronald Perry

4. Explore nature, pace, and flow of data exchange for different data types.


Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red, by Piet Mondrian

5. Integrate responses from diverse experts and the general public to develop logical, appealing, and consolidated overviews of the emerging age of interconnectivity while it is happening.


Interconnectivity of All Things, by Gunghonia

6. Make data more unique, less plain and interchangeable by creating easy to use comparison and assembly tools.


Instance Layer I, by Cebas Visual Technology

7. Layout a spectrum of information use to establish uniform locations of subject matters over time.


Spectrum Swirl 2, by Chavez


1. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to link individuals to museums, laboratories, educational and research institutions to enable them to engage in a process of sharing and exchange.

2. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to bring together experts from various fields including but not limited to mathematics, science, the social sciences, the fine arts and performing arts to identify more effective approaches to sharing information between disciplines, with the diverse general public, and with experts venturing outside their area of expertise.

3. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to foster and develop new processes for long-term archiving and enhancing the presentation of research results for more effective communication between disciplines and the public.

4. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to sponsor workshops, conferences, and online discussions to explore the nature of research data, public records, and the documentation of both quantitative and qualitative information and their respective roles in archiving, search methods, and public distribution.

5. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to integrate responses from diverse disciplines and the general public to analyze and assess the benefits, opportunities, and new kinds of problems associated with emerging communication technologies and interconnectivity.

6. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to publish and widely distribute information regarding its activities, processes, and conclusions to benefit increasing numbers of individuals, institutions, and publics.

7. Accuracy&Aesthetics seeks to explore new areas of inquiry within the domains of education, the humanities, and the arts and sciences to foster more effective interpersonal, interdisciplinary and institutional communication for long-term public benefit.


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  1. Came clueless, left worried. Thanks for the post. – All sorts of computer errors are now turning up. You’d be surprised to know the number of doctors who claim they are treating pregnant men. Attributed to Isaac Asimov

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