Each Accuracy&Aesthetics Director is from a different discipline with unique knowledge and experience.  Bill Poulos at WDG Architecture had an apt metaphor for this process during a long meeting with a sustainable design consultant: “The design process is like a wheel where discipline is a spoke (architecture, structural, sustainability, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, interiors). The outside is where the work starts, the inside is well defined and complete. We want it to be a linear process but it is not, its more like a spiral. You gradually work your way towards a common goal, sooner or later crossing over each discipline along the way.”

Panoscope 360

Bonnie DeVarco Founding Director

DAY JOB:  Emerging technologies in education.
EXPERTISE: Mapping and presenting knowledge in the digital domain.
INTERESTS: Digital Earth
Proceedings of Wikimania 2006
Building Blocks for Virtual Worlds
Borderlink Leadership Committee
Teacher Workshop Series

James Burkes Knowledge Web Project
QuantumVIZ at the Exploratorium
VLearn3D Initiative
Education Innovation



Vera W. de Spinadel

DAY JOB:  Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires Argentina.
EXPERTISE:  Mathematics, design, and interdisciplinary communication.
INTERESTS:  To promote the interaction among researchers and professionals interested on the interaction between Mathematics and Design.

Rev. John Giunta

John P. Giunta Founding Director

DAY JOB: Vienna Woods Studio
EXPERTISE: Musician, all faith minister, yoga teacher.
INTERESTS:  Tracking the Way We Use Language, Anagrams, Type Calculators, Palindromes, Statistics


Kevin Kearns

DAY JOB: Vice President of Science World British Columbia.
EXPERTISE: Exhibits and programs to create a sustainable, knowledge based society.
INTERESTS: I think this is a cool intellectual exercise. I like this institute. I am sure you have already seen this, but to make sure. Last weekend, I got to chat with the guys who started MAKE, they were neat. And, I like their magazine. This is a site I like to visit – to see new, cool art. I am sure that you know this. I really like the way people use games for machinima and in particular in some of the programs, like This Spartan Life. I like checking out to see what Eyebeam has been doing.

semantic representation translating into chinese

Image above: Structure of computer music terms to facilitate strategies for bottom-up folksonomy design meeting top down formal ontology specification.

Kenneth Fields

DAY JOB: Professor, CEMC, China Electronic Music Center, China’s Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing China.
EXPERTISE: Music composition, networked collaboration, computer and cognitive science, experiential environments.
INTERESTS: New compositions, playing music, sound installation, production work, soundtracks for movies, original music compositions for theatrical production, producing, and writing.


Map from the Russian Language Institute

Ken Petersen Founding Director

DAY JOBS: American Councils for International Education, doing PhD in Computational Linguistics at Georgetown University.
EXPERTISE: Russian languages, people, and online education.
INTERESTS: www.phylotaxis.com/phylotaxis.htmlhttp://www.shirky.com/writings/ontology_overrated.html

Marek Walczak

DAY JOB: Artist
EXPERTISE: Developing concepts, created the previous website theme and design, groups of people working together, thinking machines, new media and architecture.


Deborah MacPherson Projects Director

DAY JOB: Specifications and Research, CannonDesign
EXPERTISE: Defining the scope of work; dealing with large volumes of information in search of precise information; managing resources.
INTERESTS: Applying historical practices in architecture and design to the modern mash up of semantic space.
NBIMS National Building Information Modeling Standard – Consensus Task Team and Model Implementation Guide Team.
CSI Construction Specification Institute, NOVA Northern Virginia Chapter Board Member, Secretary.
BSP Building Service Performance Project – Current Work – FloorplanDataExchange


Arshia Baig – Links Manager – India

1) Assessing and analyzing various forms of art, architecture & music.
2) Exploring various forms of technology.
3) Enhancing knowledge and skills through websurfing & Wikipedia.


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