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The best Maps of the Internet today are probably made by Lumeta.
But why does every arm and extension need to be shown? A system of coordinates could be developed using bigger blocks.

The examples below show how three painters are looking our complex world. What can one way of looking learn from the other?
1. Ynk1001

2. burberry

3. redreflection12

1. GALBYART: “symchromism”-“neocezannism” INTERNET-GALLERY “BORIS & YURI” contemporary abstract and realistic landscape painting Moscow Summer. (30 KB) ABSTRACT PAINTING & LANDSCAPE, REALISM PLUS CONSTRUCTIVISM. “SYMCHROMY” PICTURES & NATURE STUDIES REALISTIC LANDSCAPE. PICTURES-MINIATURES, PAINTED IN THE OPEN AIR. NATURE NEAR MOSCOW & VIEWS OF THE CRIMEA ENVIRONS Painter: Yuri Kudryavtsev Russia, Moscow Painter: Boris Kudryavtsev Russia, Moscow

2. “Burberry painting” oil on canvas (116 * 81 cm) July 15 2006.
from the artist Valery Grancher…I work mostly with media of all kinds

3. Yehan was born in Shanghai, China in 1959. He has been naturalized Canadian since 1995. To him, art is a partnership between design and color. His work is a process of creation as well as investigation. Nothing is hide on the canvas, but to express the nature of beauty and to reveal the discoveries made during his investigations. He works with layers of colors, thickened or scumbled over a textured surface. Traces are left by assorted mark-makers via straight lines and random structures. Yet it is the artist’s eye, which seeks to prevail – telling the hand to add that last brush stroke which makes it all happen.


4 thoughts on “Paintings: Internet

  1. this is a great picture,and it does a good job of catching the eye. im not an artist or anything but i think this is very aweosome-and some more. but you should paint feelings instead of “summer?” in my opinon.

  2. Painting 1 is reminiscent of cubism, but does not provide an intellectual or emotional connection for me. Painting 2 is reminiscent of works by Piet Mondrian, but as with painting 1 fails to produce an intellectual or emotional connection within me. It may work for someone else. Painting 3 works the best for me, perhaps because it is more immediate and accessible because it is simply larger than the others, but also because of the color strategy utilizing deep shades of blue and red, which are almost complementary. The red, to my mind, is much more immediate and I sense it as the painting’s foreground. The deep shades of blue impress me as being more distant and hence in the background. Therefore I view the painting as almost three dimensional, sort like looking into a crack in a wall or looking vertically down into a canyon from a great height. Nice effect overall.

  3. WOW, i my word of catagorizing number 3
    i love it!
    love the complexity that looks like “yehan” put into it
    the red makes it pop and the different smaller colors make u really look at it and figure it out opposed to something more simple where u see a your plain jane paintings…and simply look right over it and on the the next
    ..deffinetly my favorite painting ive seen.
    -good luck with your paintingss
    –morgan rene’

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