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If this image represented a stack of learning modules rather than rocks, the student could not fully understand all of the material without the small piece on the right.

For example, what if a sequence of learning in mathematics was to be taught from the bottom up: start with the rock on the bottom – geometry. Add the next component, trigonometry. Begin to gain an understanding of the next set of information – differential geometry…but in order to move on to topology, fractal geometry and further – at some point the structure would not hold together without an essential but small outlying piece, like philosophy, to keep all the modules balanced.

If students could be shown a whole picture of completed and balanced learning sequence, they may feel more comfortable with difficult material along the way because they would be able see the points in the process where they are supposed to feel unbalanced.


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I went looking for images of a stack of rocks and was delighted to find this. The image drew me in but your words kept me here, pondering. My field is not mathematics. Instead, I teach research methodology to graduate students in Depth Psychology. But I don’t think the discipline matters: the idea about balance and imbalance in learning applies.

    Would you be willing to give me permission to use the image and part of the text as a quote on my new website? I would be happy to direct folks to this page or another URL if you would like.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    You are welcome to refer to the image and text, however, I am unsure of the image source…I wish I knew to credit the photographer properly. Your field of Research Methodology sounds fascinating! Sometimes discipline matters, however Accuracy&Aesthetics mission is building consensus ACROSS disciplines and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Would love to hear more from you or your students about Depth Psychology. Regards, Deborah

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