Small Collection of Green Things

From ASCI Tree Mountain – A Living Time Capsule-11,000 Trees, 11,000 People, 400 Years, 1992-1996; (420 x 270 x 28 meters), Yljrvi, Finland by Agnes Denes



Tree Mountain – A Living Time Capsule: Aerial View
digital print based on original design drawing
35″h x 96″w, 1983 ?Agnes Denes





Eleven thousand trees were planted in a complex mathematical pattern by eleven thousand people from around the world, to be maintained for 400 years.  One of the largest environmental reclamation sites in the world, Tree Mountain, created from refuse material from a gravel pit, was declared a national monument to serve future generations with a meaningful legacy. Dedicated in 1996 by the President of Finland, dignitaries, and participants from around the world.


Solar Decathalon, Primarily sponsored by the US Department of Energy on the National Mall


Three members of the University of Colorado team gave a lunchtime presentation and responded to questions at WDG Architecture


Certainly the solar houses, built around shipping containers supplying their own power, could have applications in emergency response.

University of Colorado at Boulder
Attn: Michael Brandemuehl
Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Eng.
428 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0428
Phone: 303.492.8594

Biowall – Live Building

Please go to their site and see the image above in action.


Recycle the Whole House


New York Times Article by Kristina Shevory


How can parallels be made from the examples above for sustainable information design?

Like Tree Mountain – A Living Time Capsule – What ideas and information merit this degree of care and thoughtful planning to last 400 before they are “complete”? Who will care for them after the original planners are gone?

Like the Solar Decathalon – what projects can be sponsored to engage creative students to collaborate outside their programs? With or without being able to turn in the results for a reward such as a masters thesis since the work was done “independently” with others. How should competitors be rewarded for innovation?

Like the Biowall – what can we build into the infrastructure to clean what we consume?

Like Recycling the Whole House – what ostentatious information McMansions can be deconstructed, demolished, and reused in more productive ways?


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