Unfold, Expand, Connect

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Heaven’s Orb from Rob’s Puzzle Page


PETER MAX boxed jigsaw puzzle at GASOLINE ALLEY ANTIQUES Antique Toys & Collectible


The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections, by Stewart T. Coffin

This simple novelty (Fig. 126) is a practical example of a coordinate-motion puzzle in three dimensions. Each of the six identical puzzle pieces is made up of a right-triangular prism center block to which are attached a pair of rhomboid-prism end blocks. They assemble with no great mystery to form a hollow box, but if they are accurately made, some dexterity is required to get all six pieces aligned exactly right and mutually engaged. Once assembled, by holding on to opposite pieces, the puzzle can be made to expand almost to the point of collapse and then to shrink back together again. It is more of an amusement than a puzzle.


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