Continuity versus Change

aspects of change

Change usually involves three aspects; people, processes and culture. From the JISC InfoKit on Change Management.

change model

Change Model, Joshua Freedman talking about Alan Deutschman on 6seconds. The Six Seconds’ EQ change model guides the process of effective change. The model shows how to engage the emotional drivers to sustain a continuous transformational process.

massive change

Bruce Mau Designing Positive Change, from Massive Change, the Future of Global Design at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art


Remote Sensing Tutorial From the Federation of American Scientists. A Black Hole’s incredible gravity pulls in particles from outside the event horizon until their velocities are accelerated to nearly the speed of light. Matter is literally torn apart upon entering the Black Hole. As these particles close in, monstrous energy releases produce continuous bursts of energy outside the horizon.


Thought Pattern 6 by Kathryn Van Dyke at the Stephen Wirtz Gallery.


Pattern Change from Another Beautiful Day, California’s Weather in Living Pictures.


Transformation from Online Mandalas by Lila-Hog


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  1. Love the graphics on aspects of change and change model-thanks for some great ideas that will hopefully inspire some great changes

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