Mathematics of Movement

Movements such as democracy and trends in collective thinking must have some underlying mathematics that could be studied and perhaps improved to gently push information in more productive directions. But what would that look like?


Dynamic Painting by San Base, a Canadian artist born in Russia.


We Never Change Do We Melanie Weidner Listen for Joy


Abstract stripes lines of colour movement speed Dominic Harris from RefocusNow

Movement Path

Movement Phase from the MegaMek game


The Plates of a Movement by Peter Chong


Circles locate suspected underground water movement in the Ormond Beach area. Three different aerial photographs were used, along with an infrared one, to guesstimate these locations. Oxnard Coastal Wetlands


Movement 3 by Harp Spectrum


2 thoughts on “Mathematics of Movement

  1. Mathematics of movement and listen for Joy are very thoughtful painting. I fell in love with the Mathematics of movement for it’s amazing concept and colour .

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