Juxtaposition and Symmetry


Below are some images from Nikolas Schiller, a DC artist using geospatial imagery to look at old things in new ways.


New Map [88] also titled “A New Map of the Terraqueous Globe: according to the the Ancient discoveries and most general Divisions of Geospatial Art” is a new iteration of Herman Moll’s map, A New Map of the Whole World with the Trade Winds According To the Latest and Most Exact Observations, 1736, shown in the first iteration of the exhibit Places & Spaces.


In order to see both sides of a round object, it is laid flat but Nikolas Schiller takes it a step further by juxtaposing a geographic map with purposefully arranged digital imagery showing the viewer both sides of…… something new like Herman Moll was doing with the whole world, now we are trying to see two whole new worlds.


Antique Home [222] was made with discoveries in the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection juxtaposing a quilt of the area where he lives with an assembled detail of a beautiful engraving on the title page of Atlas Nouveau.

cathedral signed

Cathedral Quilt – Signed [88] shows his signature written in Arabic, over a quilt/assembled symmetrical image of the National Cathedral. It must be seen rather than the small pictures here, a print was donated to the Library of Congress Geography & Mapping Division and could be seen up close and in person there.

quilt cut

Its difficult to choose which of works are best, they are compelling at all scales from far away to up close.


More abstract versions are made, Baltimore is below.


Clickable maps are used for commentary and activism, for example, to demonstrate DC’s lack of statehood.


Nikolas Schiller is the epitome of the modern geographer. modern geographer


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