Imagine a World

Imagine a world where everything is in context from the big to the small. All kinds of short cuts, worm holes, and walkthroughs could be mathematically and artistically portrayed. Imagine exploring this world, turning the corner and seeing a huge vista, like all of music, open up before you. Imagine being able to trace an idea, object, or field of endeavor through time, across cultures and disciplines to see different perspectives. What if you could run into other people in areas where you are curious or interested, go up to them and say “Hey, what are you looking at?”


Stream line oriented topology of a 2D time-dependent vector field, by Holger Theisel and Kuangyu Shi, at the Max Planck Institut fur Informatik

To create such a world involves:


Assembly Tools
Digital Earth
Educational Service Architecture
Information gaining complexity
Using spirals
Showing information in spheres
advances rapidly
applications of data structures
benefit or serve the general public
big picture
circle meanings
cluster configuration
color symbolism
community mapping
complex data structures
configuration management
configure network
context driven topology
contextual selectors
creating meaning
creative commons
creative commons photos
data structures
data structures and algorithms with object oriented design patterns
data structures array
data structures demystified
data structures graph
data structures graphs
data structures heap
data structures linked lists
data structures program
data structures projects
data structures searching
data structures sorting
data structures tree
data structures with java
developing a universal data access layer
leveraging distributed data structures
dynamic data structures
elementary data structures
embedded technology
esri arc gis
every industry
explore knowledge
eye of the beholder
genetic algorithms
genetic algorithms data structures evolution programs
geometric mean
geometry of knowledge
google creative commons
graph mean
graphs in data structures
groupware open source
hashing data structures
history repeats itself
image mapping software
in meaningful ways
integrate code
integrate mathematica
integrate mediawiki
integrate sphere
integrate technologies
integrate time
integrating classification and association rule mining
integrating content
integrating education
integrating information systems
integrating intellectual property rights and development policy
integrating knowledge management
integrating math and art
integrating networks
inter disciplinary
interactive environment
interlink design
interlink emulator
Internet mapping
k means
kinetic data structures
linear data structures
linked list in data structures
mapping component
mapping engine
mapping programs
mathematics and art
meaning of colors
meaning of life
meaning of names
means of communication
multidimensional data structures
museum artifacts
museum exhibit design
museum virtual tours
music notes
music annotation
network mapping tool
object relational mapping
online data structures
open source
open source groupware
open source portals
original art
over time
packet reassemble
persistent data structures
places and regions in global context
practical data structures
preference mapping
process mapping tools
push technology
python data structures
reach out
related hierarchical data structures
run into eachother in learning environment
science art new media
set data structures
shared understanding
show me the meaning
sorting in data structures
source code for data structures
spatial data structures
specifications and construction of semantic space
stacks in data structures
stimulate development
stimulate intellectual development
symbolic meaning
system configuration
teaching with technology
the big picture
tools and resources
uma: universal multimedia access
universal access gateway
universal access global
universal access platforms
virtual museum
web based mapping
web integrate
web mapping
weiss data structures
what are data structures
what is data structures
word meaning


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