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Saul Steinberg Untitled 1980 above, 1983 middle, 1964 below.




Red and Blue America by Sara Fabrikant

Distored View

From Science News

HEADLINE NEWS. The geographical distribution of news stories isn’t uniform, Newman and Gastner show. Even allowing for population, a few cities?New York and Washington, in particular?get a surprisingly large fraction of the attention. The researchers extracted the dateline from about 72,000 wire-service news stories from 1994 to 1998 and changed a standard map (top) into a cartogram (bottom) in which the sizes of states are proportional to the frequency of their appearance in datelines. SOURCE: Newman and Gastner/PNAS


From Geography 222 and the power of maps by John Krygier Ohio Wesleyan University Department of Geology and Geography.



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