Remote Sensing and Geospatial Art

Daniel Denk is taking control over reality with remote sensing tools. Showing bigger pictures of our world and looking at the human condition from a distance. For example in [95] My Natural Color World he says “Ive been asked several times, since it became known that I had converted the entire NASA GeoCover 7,4,2 mosaic to natural-color what I plan to do with this dataset. Some of those inquiries have been interesting.”header1header2header3

Like most people who gain perspective and have concern for others, he is dissatisfied with typical media. The story selections do not meet his requirements. Typical media trivializes important matters, glorifies confusion, and generally presents small, shallow viewpoints. Yet, in Google Earth Darfur he notes hopefully “Theres nothing more profound to me, than the kind of awareness that can be gained or disseminated in a global perspective when such an initiative has taken place to educate or enlighten the masses through the use of a tool like Google Earth.”

A requirements document for this frame of mind needs to be developed so producers can act on it. What kinds of public programming are needed to push more intriguing stories into rooms centered around televisions? When will we have a movie theater like places to experience big full presentations on a Friday night date? How soon will tools be available to remotely sense what is going on in other peoples hearts and minds in far away times or places when we can’t even figure out what is happening here and now? He also points to the work of his friend Nikolas Schiller.


Please go there and see his geospatial art.


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