Unifying Communications and Information

Various depictions of communications and information put into shapes.


Information needs research in Russia and Lithuania, 1965-2003
Elena Maceviit


Terminology Services and Technology Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) State of the Art Review.


Figure: The segment Voronoi diagram for a set of weakly (left) and strongly (right) intersecting sites. Computational Geometry Algorithms Library part of the CGAL Open Source Project.


Quadrics, Lutz Kettner previously with Max Planck Institut informatik now with Mental Images

Remainder of images below from a Workshop on Current and Emerging Research Opportunities in Probability was held May 29-31, 2002, at the National Science Foundation, posted by Amstat.org.

Solution of traveling salesman problem for 15,000 cities in Germany. Being a simple closed curve it has an inside (blue) and an outside (white).


Focusing and defocusing of a signal passed through a random turbulent atmospheric medium.


New York state power grid


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