Talking about the same thing

The Encyclopedia of Life was announced.

Slashdot, News For Nerds, Stuff That Matters: Earth’s Species To Be Cataloged On the Web with these two iconic images “topiced” and “topicscience” for education and science.

TED, Ideas Worth Spreading: A good day for the world: The Encyclopedia of Life is born. Video of Biologist E.O. Wilson accepting TED award.


EOL Press Release includes these pictures



ZipcodeZoo is working to become a proper home base for Naturalists, both amateur and professional by helping people narrow down to particular areas. Tons of great pictures.


Here is what Cyc knows. Picture of diagram not recognized


A portion of Thomson Scientific’s Biology Browser goes on like this:

Opalinata (Opalina)
Sarcodina made up of superclasses Rhizopoda (amastigote amoebae and thecamoebae) and the Actinopoda which includes the radiolarian groups
Gymnamoebia (Gymnamoeba)
Amoebida (Acanthamoeba, Amoeba, Entamoeba)
Pelobiontida karyoblasteans,freeliving amoeboid protists completely lacking mitochondria (Pelomyxa)
Schizopyrenida sometimes called amoeboflagellates, common in soils, some are pathogenic in man(Naegleria)
Arcellinida (Arcella, Difflugia)
Acarpomyxea (Leptomyxa)
Acrasea cellular slime moulds (Acrasis)
Eumycetozoea includes cellular slime moulds, the prosteliids (Ceratiomyxa) and dictyosteliids (Dictyostelium, Polysphondylium), together with acellular, plasmodial or true slime moulds – myxogastrids, myxomycota, myxomycetes (Physarum)
Plasmodiophorea mostly obligate parasites of plants (Plasmodiophora, Spongospora)
Filosea includes aconchulinids and gromiids (Euglypha)
Granuloreticulosia includes Foraminifera (Ammonia, Anomalina, Globigerina, Globorotalia, Trochammina)

What should a compact portrait or collage of all these ways of looking at the same thing be portrayed?


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