This is an image from the Standard Upper Ontology Working Group (SUO WG) Also shown as Fig. 3 in Accuracy&Aesthetic director Kenneth Field‘s upcoming publication “Ontologies, Categories, Folksonomies: An Organised Language of Sound” to be published in the fall and copyrighted by Organised Sound, an International Journal of Music and Technology, Cambridge Journals.
Ken is interested in aesthetic outcomes of the structures and coined the new term “Ontoform” while stating “I’m after living/conscious ‘ontoforms’ that float invisibly in our environment until you put on your x-ray specs.”


sumo-1.36classes, KennethFields

Debbie is beginning to collect images like the ones above simply to examine standard upper ontologies as forms, functions, and overall designs. The purpose is to devise a method of making ontoforms, designs, and functions more beautiful and locally driven by treating them like building designs communicated through drawings, measurements, models, and special means of specifying.


Emerging Complexity and Cellular Automata, Wolfram Science


From Simon’s Computing Stuff: The Dripping Rail rule is a 1D CA rule which is simply an averaging over neighbours and an increment. This module shows the time progression of the CA.

dripping springs

Dripping Springs by Kevin Caron


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