Collective Mapping


Matthew Belanger has created Time Indefinite, a repository and collective timeline of individual significant moments in time.

What if everyone everywhere could dial in to this repository to create one shared recorded memory? Even with different views on what constitutes a significant moment in time?

ARTISTS STATEMENT MATTHEW BELANGER: “We all experience the occasional moment in life that has a clarity unlike the rest of our days. Perhaps it’s that time when for an instant everything just seemed perfect. Or maybe it is that moment when we realize that life has just suddenly and irreversibly changed. It may be that 7 a.m. phone call, or that perfect Sunday afternoon, or the last time you saw someone as the door was closing. What strikes us most in that moment is how the rest of the world seems unchanged. To our disbelief the world just keeps going as it always has ignorant of the monumental experience we are having. Time Indefinite is both a repository of those moments and a collective timeline. Time Indefinite charts where we all stood in time next to each other through our moments.”


Also see the registry of: Disappearing Places In building the new world of semantic spaces – why do some communities thrive and others disappear?

If areas of science were like places – which are the best to work in?

Both from Turbulence Spotlight both licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License


2 thoughts on “Collective Mapping

  1. I have visited and submitted my moment, and found the interface visually enticing, the tone of voice welcoming, and the interface easy to use,

    This work reminds me of the insight the girl had just before Earth made way for the new intergalactic highway.

    Yes, a wonderful concept. I like the thought of many strong moments shared in the ether.

    Are you using a Linux operating system?

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