Place in the Universe


Different people have different reasons to define what “universe” means and to examine our place in it.
Swedish artist Monica Sand says …the modern research of space has changed the image of the human position in universe. How can we make an image of the human endeavour in a space perspective? The project “Space is Looking at Us” uses satellites to document several artistic installations to create a new definition of universe from this perspective. Movie is here.

On the other hand, Kathryn Blackmond Laskey states on [OntologForum] “If we go around saying the universe “is” a set, we are in danger of confusing a representation of the world with the world we are representing. Tarskian semantics accords well with the Western scientific worldview. It is quite useful for mathematical formalization of the meaning of statements that can be given definite truth-values. Formal ontology is most usefully applied to problems
that can be described in terms of statements that can be given definite truth-values.”

Somewhere between the two – a big picture can be made.


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