Where is Lagos?

Zoob’ (bigger than, be) h too, m tum-m tumii, sif, suur, taswiir (picture)

Translations from the Hausa Database ? by Franz Stoiber, 2001.

Lagos Map from Oyibosonline, the Expat’s Guide to Nigeria.

Educate and inspire the people of Lagos with a series of bigger pictures. Show the locations of local schools, universities, and training centers. Place Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa within the context of whole worlds of geography, science, and resources. Establish a bigger picture for the people of Lagos to see where they are and provide hope in the future.

Install 100 maps of various types in a public place. If sufficient funds can be raised, also install with a computer to collect public opinion and provide Google Earth and similar exploration tools with a large database of maps.

30 maps will be historical: the same maps going through time – some Africa, some Nigeria, some Lagos, some the whole world, one a street map where the exhibit is. The maps are identified by year, author, and title.


West Africa, London Times, Andree, Richard 1895, from the David Rumsey Collection.

30 maps will be future maps: maps of science from Places & Spaces, information visualizations, and other modern maps.

La “Mappa” Par fxds, jeudi 23 novembre 2006 ? 12:04 FXDS
30 maps will be current maps such as Google Earth, famine watch and other geographic information pertinent to Africa, Nigeria, and Lagos.


This image of the northern portion of the Nile River was captured by the Multi-angle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR) on January 30, 2001. The Nile is the longest river in the world, extending for about 6700 kilometers (4163 miles) from its headwaters in the highlands of eastern Africa. (Credit: NASA/GSFC/JPL)
10 maps will be contest winners, a competition open to all, run as a program in partnership with a local educational organization to be identified in collaboration with US consulate press officer Tim Gerhardson. The workshop to discuss and select the 10 winning maps and install the 90 selected maps is slated for July 2008.

It is preferred for the exhibit to hang outside in a busy public area rather than inside a library or school. It should be a permanent installation. If you can help, tax deductible donations are through the Network for Good, contact us with suggestions or volunteer your expertise to help the people of Lagos to think big and see there is a big world full of opportunity out there.


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