You Are Here 2

The Internet is a place where ideas and information that are only partially understood can come together and be explored. But, what is the best fundamental way to show You Are Here?

The Internet Mapping Project by Bill Cheswick and Lumeta makes an edgeless universe of connected areas to at least see an extent. But this map is showing search engines. What varieties of digital materials are traveling across these lines of communication?

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music settles into one area. Which search engines above are best to find the actual recordings? Who has the time and resources to map the entire land of music? Will there be wars over the borders if they are mapped? Shouldn’t more beautiful music look better than harsher types?

What about designing semantic spaces where one point of view is not necessarily the right way to look at it? What shapes are best for simply formatting and laying out the information in a strategic manner? This circle works for the United Church of Religious Science.

But users cant actually click through maps like these and get anywhere yet. How does a user know how to read these maps if they don’t know the terminology or understand the shapes? What if new style maps are not appealing outside an area where they are created? What if these colors are perceived as ugly and the shapes do not convey relationships the way someone thinks of them in their own head before discovering the digital materials? How can they be led through first to slowly gain an appreciation?

This is from Mininova labs for Passclicks, a new way to login to websites where old style textual passwords are replaced with a sequence of clicks on an image. Thus:

Could similar techniques be documented over long periods of time from many points of view to educate and inspire people by developing tours through mysterious lands like music, religion, and science?

How many types of digital materials need to be conveyed over the lines of communication for such maps to really work? Some areas need storytellers, like Jim Gates, to understand subjects on the outer edges such as Superstring Theory: The DNA of Reality

The solutions may be right around the corner.


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