London Calling


If a Spectrum of information could be laid out and given to a group of film makers with the task of filling in every blank and representing every possible option to capture the place of London, how would they show ~ the Clash, “Mind the Gap” underground announcements and refrigerator magnets, William Wallace in all four corners, Austin Powers, the original Elizabeth, Big Ben, precisely tailored suits, a Fish Called Wanda, and then tell all the millions of stories from this place that a viewer that knows nothing of London could understand?

How could the compelling way a documentary like this was made serve as a metaphor to create new places for modern subjects like nanotechnology or net art that are not yet as old and groovy as London makes itself? What can people be enticed by to make these new undefined and barely documented places to want to come see for themselves what different semantic places are really like?

What kinds of pictures would people take to remember their visit?

How would these images be classified on Flickr? How could they be explained using words on Wikipedia? Trackbacks? What initial content could be supported by local art and research organizations? Which global organizations are most interested in the biggest picture? What lessons could be learned from the Project for Public Spaces and 1% for Art?


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