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Today’s largest, most pressing architectural challenge is what to do with all the linked open data becoming available.There is a possibility people can accomplish great things by getting collectively smarter and more inquisitive. What have innovative architects done before in similar situations? What is the difference between the collective versus universal intelligence that may result from improved semantic architecture for the general public? A compare/contrast is offered below between Ayn Rand’s Howard Rourke in “The Fountainhead” published in 1943 and Buckminster Fuller born in Milton, Massachusetts, July 12,1895, he and his wife Anne died within thirty-six hours of each other, one week before their sixty-sixth anniversary, Bucky on July 1st 1983, Anne on July 3rd 1983.The fictional Howard Rourke and real Buckminster Fuller are completely opposite from each other but have some things in common: they were both expelled from architecture school, they both created innovative designs for public building projects.Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant thoroughly opposed to collectivism, who took America as her model of what a free nation should be. She created architect Howard Rourke as an ideal individual in “The Fountainhead” in 1943. His closing arguments in a court case are below, interspersed with images of todays most ambitious and unusual architecture, to advocate the power of creative individuals. By contrast, Buckminster Fuller’s ideas about a universal human follows. It is a long post. Both examples focus on new concepts of public housing. The issue today is innovative architecture in computers and networks for public ideas.__________________________Howard Rourke, pages 678 to 685, from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Signet 1942.”Thousands of years ago, the first man discovered how to make fire. He was probably burned at the stake he had taught his brothers to light. He was considered an evildoer who had dealt with a demon mankind dreaded. But thereafter men had fire to keep them warm, cook their food, to light their caves. He had left them with a gift they had not conceived and he had lifted darkness off the earth. Centuries later, the first man invented the wheel. He was probably torn on the rack he had taught his brothers to build. He was considered a transgressor who ventured into forbidden territory. But thereafter, men could travel past any horizon. He had left them a gift they had not conceived and he had opened the roads of the world.


Copia by Antonio Gaudí

“That man, the unsubmissive and first, stand in the opening chapter of every legend mankind has recorded about its beginning. Prometheus was chained to a rock and torn by vultures – because he had stolen the fire of the gods. Adam was condemned to suffer because he had eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Whatever the legend, somewhere in the shadows of its memory mankind knew that its glory began with one and that one paid for his courage.


Casa Milà, 92 Paseo de Gracia, apartment block built between 1906 and 1910 in Barcelona for the Milà family by Antonio Gaudí“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision. Their goals differed, but they all had this in common: that the step was first, the road new, the vision unborrowed, and the response they received – hatred. The great creators – the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors – stood alone against the men of their time. Every great new thought was opposed. Every great new invention was denounced. The first motor was considered foolish. The airplane was considered impossible. The power loom was considered vicious. Anesthesia was considered sinful. But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered, and they paid. But they won.”No creator was prompted by a desire to serve his brothers, for his brothers rejected the gift he offered and that gift destroyed the slothful routine of their lives. His truth was his only motive. His own truth, and his own work to achieve it in his own way. A symphony, a book, an engine, a philosophy, an airplane or a building – that was his goal and his life. Not those who heard, read, operated, believed, flew or inhabited the thing he had created. The creation, not its users. The creation, not the benefits others derived from it. The creation which gave form to his truth. He held his truth above all other things and against all men.….in development more to type from Howard Rourke’s soliloquy about design, construction, and blowing up the buildings that failed to meet his design intent, will intersperse architectural images below and more…..work in progress aquaUSAAqua, to be completed in 2009 Chicago USA: This skyscraper will seem traditional from a distance, however up close, the ripple/jelly effect created by variously sized balconies becomes evident from top to bottom.chicagospireChicago Spire, to be completed in 2010 Chicago USA: Will be the world’s tallest residential building and the tallest building of any kind in the western world.CCTVCCTV Headquarters, to be completed in Beijing China for the 2008 Olympics: The shape, described as a ‘z criss-cross’ results in a very high, seemingly unsupported corner at the front.regattaRegatta Hotel Jakarta Indonesia: Complex of 10 towers referring to Indonesian ships with while the biggest construction represents a lighthouse.ResidenceIndiaResidence Antilia IndiaRussiaTowerRussia Tower, to be completed 2012, Moscow Russia: Topped with an Observation Deck, Russia Tower will become the tallest building in Europe, twice the height of the Eiffel tower.Penang1500Penang Global City Center, Malaysia: Following months of speculation and sturdy opposition, this project is in the final stages of approval and apparently construction will start soon. Due to the size it will take at least 15 years to completely transform the small island of Penang.GazpromRussiaGazprom Headquarters, St. Petersburg Russia: Will appear to change color up to 10 times per day depending on the position of the sun.BurjDubaiBurj Dubai, to be completed 2009: Will be the tallest man-made structure in the world and the tallest building by a long shot with a predicted height of 818m. C urrently the tallest building on earth, excluding an antenna, is Taipei 101 in Taiwan which stands at 509m.


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  1. People are slowly and gradually developing such a taste for commercial architecture that is has encouraged all the architects all over the world to become most ambitious and unusual, to advocate the power of creative individuals.

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