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Looking at colors for the code/classification templates for the Building Service Performance Project at Ontolog. Sample building models provided courtesy of Kimon Onuma at Onuma Planning System which is used for BIMstorm.

The basis of the color design is adapted from this brochure at the Sasquatch Music Festival. Comments welcome on the colors above, other examples of color selection techniques are below.



Fire Station Coverage by Finith Jernigan at Design Atlantic


Color Brewer, Selecting Good Color Schemes for Maps by Cindy Brewer at Penn State University


Color Select Demo at the CodeProject


Satin Solids at My Faux Paws Apparel and Accessories


Alternate Color Selection at GeneCluster2 Reference Guide at the Broad Institute, MIT


Twisted Brush Pro Studio at Pixarra

color selection


See Code Templates for More





4 thoughts on “Choosing Colors

  1. Hi Deborah,

    The colors really add to the visualization. As Jack Park mentions, the Topic Map query potential would be useful to test.

    The legend, of course, is critical. (Some color code mappings to the building types so that it is easy to rapidly distinquish between similar buildings?)


  2. Hi Bob,

    Actually, I’m getting ready to add the templates to their own post and leave this one for the colors by themselves.

    But yes as you say, rapidly distinguishing between buildings based on their services and performance would be really great. Onuma Planning System already does this to some extent, that is where OPS vs Ontolog Wiki may come into play.

    The issue with the colors and looking at color selection in this context is comparing for example – GeneCluster colors have a meaning and should not be randomly assigned, versus the Solid Satin wedding dresses where the colors are more based on feeling or mood – what is the happy medium between scientific pursuit and the Rotary Club? Is this a good set for BSP?


  3. HI Tom,

    Thanks for your comment – will look into adding this. Another great tie together is Twine. Bonnie DeVarco is prolifically great at knitting together this way.



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