Making Diagrams

Today, there are so many ways to process ideas and information in computers and networks. However, most web exchanges are still based on words in the English language. However, when the information has to do with changing events, relationships, and critical paths ~ drawings and diagrams are able to convey what has already been done and what needs to be done next more clearly.  



Figure 3: Critical Path Identification in Step 2, by Agostino G. Bruzzone, Roberto Mosca, Roberto Revetria ?DIP – Dipartimento di Ingegneria della Produzione  

Work groups at NBIMS, the Building Service Performance Projectat OntologAccuracy&Aesthetics and many, many related interdisciplinary efforts need diagrams to map out what they are working on and express their project goals.  An excellent guide to mapping software is available at mind-mapping.org.  Lots of people are making tools and there are a LOT of shared goals.  For example, the Compendium Institute, the Linking Open Data Project and related efforts at W3, the Open Knowledge Foundation is working on some interesting visualizations, initiatives to map science led by Katy Borner, view-theinfo at Google Groups, and networks like Twine are all doing amazing stuff.  Now how can we all work on, share, and gradually build the same diagrams and maps?

Some examples diagrams from simple to complex purposes are below.   One person, or a group of people, imagination is where it all starts, depending on how much information there is may need to dives down deep into uncharted complexity, then needs to come back up to communicate with everyone involved in such ambitious projects:


Real Change by Natalie Shell who … drew this up to amuse herself the other day while musing on real change at the same time as writing about organisational change processes for a clients and watching/dealing with the changes thrust upon people close to me


Yes there will be a test by Jessica Hagy …author writes her life and musings through venn diagrams on index cards

1RotorDesign (236)

Constructed topological skeleton by Max-Planck-Institut Informatik


Continuing with Tetrahedrization of critical points and connectors.


Finalizing with complete tetrahedrization


From the Progressive Licensing Framework for Discussion at Health Canada











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